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All birds flock to Feller's due to their amazing selection of birdseed! Including mixes, one type bird seed, and peanuts!!


With Natures Window a whole new world to the outdoors has just been opened right through your bedroom. With the highest quality birdseed and some of the cheapest prices available!

Natures Window Big Chunky 20lb. ----------------------------------------------------------

Ask the authority Eric because its his favorite snack.

Natures Window Wild Kritter 8lb or 20lb ---------------------------------------------------

With Wild Kritter you will get the koolest kritters around.

Natures Window Cardinals Mix 5lb or 15lb -----------------------------------------------

With this popular Mix you will have the best looking red birds + cardinals. 

Natures Window Apple Orchard 10lb or 20lb --------------------------------------------

Nancy says Apple orchard is so good that you wont have to take an apple to the teacher.

Natures Window Extreme Zero Waste 5lb or 15lb --------------------------------------

Josh says Zero Waste is so amazing that there wont be anything left when your done.

Natures Window Standard 20lb ---------------------------------------------------------------

Nate says that this classic is to good to pass up and the standard is just to good to be true.

Natures Window Four Seasons 10lb or 20lb ---------------------------------------------

Diana says you cant pass this up because you'll attract the most stunning birds all 4 seasons.

Natures Window Woodpecker Mix 5lb or 15lb ------------------------------------------

Tracy says that just like him the Woodpecker Mix is to good to pass up.

Natures Window Nut & Fruity No Mess 5lb or 15lb ------------------------------------

It can be fruity+nutty but Celina says its the best shmorgishborg for attracting the most amazing/colorful birds. 

Feller's is the Big Bird is Bird Seed!

Check out our huge 

selection in bird seed including mixes, plain seed, and peanuts!

We're flying to Feller's! They have a wonderful selection of bird seed at several great prices and sizes!

For the outdoor enthusiast featuring over 80 varieties and sizes of wild bird seed. Stop in for Feller's Weekly Bird Seed Specials!

Several Brands including - Backyard Blend, Black Oil Sunflower Seed, Cherry Treat, Cracked Corn, Ear Corn, Economy Mix, Feller's Favorite, M.S Cardinal, Peanut Pieces, Premium, Safflower, Squirrel Peanuts, Stripped Sunflower Seed, Sunflower Chips, Thistle, White Millet, and Whole Shell Corn. Now selling Nature's Window in various types and sizes of bags! Also selling several flavors of suet cakes, so come check us out!

Did you know that birding is the number 2 outdoor activity and that gardening is number 1. Feller’s is your number 1 source with over 80 varieties and sizes of wild bird seed. With their huge selection of bird feeders, you are bound to find the perfect one for all your feeding needs.

        When should you feed? When you enjoy it.  Just like you and me, the birds are hungry when they roll out of bed (or off the perch, as the case may be). In cold weather, birds become big eaters out of necessity. A wildlife ecologist in Wisconsin found that a Chickadee in a mild winter must eat the equivalent of 150 sunflower seeds a day to stay alive. When the temperature drops below 0, the number of seeds increases to 250. Because winter weather greatly increases energy needs of birds, feeding suet cakes is a must. Other high energy foods include sunflower chips, peanuts, black oil sunflower seed, and thistle seed.

        Bird feeding is not only for adults. Not only are birds great animals for children to observe and learn about, but also are fascinating to kids in a way that other animals can’t; birds can fly. It is amazing at the range, tones, and pitches birds can produce. Birds come in all colors. They are also very swift flyers. A bird’s size wing shape and behavior can influence its flight. Did you know that birds can be shy, intelligent, meticulous, aggressive, or outgoing? With so many reasons to love birds, now you know why it’s such a popular event for the whole family.

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