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  Miniature Fairy Gardens is the BIGGEST THING to ever come to Feller's! 

                   Please come in and see what all the CRAZE is about!


Majestic Fairy Plants - The art of fairy and miniature gardening is the art of letting your imagination run free. If you are a lover of fairy tales, beautiful adventures, dream of mystical landscapes, then fairy gardening is for you. You will love being enchanted with new and exciting plants, along with miniature garden accessories that Feller’s has to offer. By experiencing this form of gardening you transform yourself into another world. Creating a fairy garden or miniature garden is easier then you think! A fairy garden can be any size or shape ranging from sprawling in your yard, to a tub on the patio, to a tiny flower pot in your house.Take advantage of your natural landscape by planting by a tree, nestled against hills, rock gardens, stumps, or in any flower bed. You can create your fairy garden in flower pots or any container can be transformed into an enchanted garden. Create magical meandering paths though your fairy garden with our enchanted stones, gravel, and mulch. With Feller’s special angelic dirt, your plants are bound to thrive. By sprinkling our magical fairy dust and some imagination, you are assured to have a fairy or even an angel stop by! We have all your enchanting and collectible fairy garden needs to create your own little world.

Exotic Tropical Air Plant - This incredible plant will leave you breathless with an amazing design. With animal companions such as the dog, pig, unicorn, and many more! This new soaring style is only one of the options that we have in miniature gardening. Our tropical plant can go up to 2 weeks without any distilled water, making your job a breeze. With prices starting from $6.99 to $10.99, this little guy will provide a cheep solution to your gardening needs.

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